Is pick up Available?

Yes, as a matter of fact we have a freezer out back in case you want to pick up at a time that we aren’t here.

Is there a minimum for Delivery?

Yes, we only deliver 1 block or more.  (1/2 Blocks are only available for pick up unless you purchase more than 1)

Do I need display equipment?

If you are going to use the Ice carving outside, you could get away with displaying it on a picnic table, but it would melt onto the ground.  Indoors you will need the display equipment.

How long do they last?

Indoors, they will outlast the party.  Outdoors it depends on wind, temperature, and sun.  usually 4-6 hours.  The UV rays from the sun are very damaging, do not set up in direct sunlight.

Should we chill our liquor?

Yes,  the luge will chill it slightly, however to make it really cold pre chill your liquor.

What can’t I put down the luge?

Frozen drinks or slushies don’t work, they clog the luge.  Anything liquid is fine.

Should I temper my luge?

Yes, put your luge out 1 hour before guests arrive.  This will allow the ice to temper.  tempered ice doesn’t crack when you pour a shot through it.

Can you make anything a luge?

Yes, for the most part.  Ask and we will let you know. If you use your imagination, you can probably visualize some of the crazy things we have done in the past J

If I pick it up, how do I transport a luge?

It depends,  some of the designs we package in a cardboard box and can be handled easily.  Other designs you should bring a moving blanket or sleeping bag to wrap it up in,  just Ask.  A hatch back or SUV works best to transport.

Do we have to put our mouth on the luge?

Not necessarily, if you purchase a luge with a tube in it & shot suckers, each guest will have their own shot sucker.

Can you run different liquors through a luge?

Yes, there is only a trace amount of cross contamination between liquors (it runs out)

Do we have to put our mouths on the ice?

Not if you purchase a luge with a tube in it.  Luges with tubes can be poured into a glass.

How tall is a luge?

Luges can be up to 40” tall, please plan accordingly